My DNA Fragrance Capitalizes on Growing Trend for Personalized Products

My DNA Fragrance introduces the first ever one-of-a-kind revolutionary fragrance uniquely formulated using customer’s DNA profile as the blueprint for their personalized fragrant elixir.

For consumers who desire exclusive personalized products, My DNA Fragrance introduces the first one-of-a-kind revolutionary fragrance that is uniquely formulated using each customer’s DNA profile as the blueprint to create a biologically seductive liquid treasure that caresses the secret desires of the mind. Unlike the 30,000 mass produced and celebrity endorsed fragrances on the market today, the fragrance offers you the opportunity to leave a memory of you in every room.


Since the launch of the product in the UK in September the Company has experienced phenomenal success, accompanied by international media and rewarding testimonies from customers that proclaim they are overwhelmingly satisfied with their fragrance.


Steve – United Kingdom  The concept of such a unique fragrance was not lost on my wife and frankly it brought tears to her eyes.  However, when she opened the bottle the surprises really started. She put a dab of perfume on each wrist and then it all changed!!  The smell exploded in the restaurant.  It was beautiful, heady and so ‘je ne sais quoi’.  The smell was alluring and so very different from anything I have encountered before.  It is complex yet subtle; delicate but powerful.  She insists that there is an element of the fragrance that smells just like the children when they were tiny babies and I noticed that as she moved her hands close to her face the scent would trigger goose bumps down her arms; something she did not notice herself until I pointed it out to her. 


This has been an amazing experience.  Everyone loves the smell and she smiles when they ask what perfume she is wearing. Thank you for such a wonderful perfume; this is beyond any expectation I had of you and I don’t mind you using this to tell others how happy we are with the outcome.”


Patrick – Switzerland I just wanted to tell you that I had major success with My DNA Fragrance. Everybody was asking me, where I got that scent from. Much ,much better than any other scent I have bought before! For that I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Sharon – United Kingdom Your presentation is gorgeous and, having worn the perfume for the first time yesterday, I am delighted with the scent and its durability.  I will definitely be buying more and would now like to buy my Goddaughter her scent for her birthday which is in January.


My DNA Fragrance is available in perfume or cologne and there are no alcohols in the fragrance.


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