Free means Free for Users of Recently launched Classified and Auction Website

Goodbye craigslist, move over eBay – List Whatever for Free recently launched its online classified and auction services free of listing and final value fees.

Beverly Hills, CA – December 22, 2007 – With online auctions and classifieds becoming big business and eBay seemingly monopolizing the market with its introduction of Kijiji and its minority state in Craigslist, these online venues have become popular tools for selling, buying and trading items and services online making print classifieds a thing of the past.  New online contender List Whatever for Free says goodbye craigslist and move over eBay with its recently launched online classified and auction services which provide users with the best of craigslist and eBay in one site for free.

As a user friendly alternative to craigslist and eBay, List Whatever for Free provides users with more control over their online classified and auction presence making classifieds and auctions more interactive and attractive for buyers to frequently return to shop and buy.

As eBay continues to position its in house competitor Kijiji to compete with craigslist, it is banking on the uniqueness of the domain name to create a buzz and get people talking and clicking.  However, List Whatever for Free’s strategy sides with the simplicity of going back to the basics of using a domain name that says exactly what it does, not only making it easy to remember, but conveying fully the message that its services are indeed Free. 

While Craigslist charges for recruitment ads and in some instances property ads and eBay charges insertion, final value and re-listing fees; List Whatever for Free! proposes to always provide free listing and auction services while giving users the option to upgrade their listing by adding optional services such as featured, galleries, bold or highlight listings at a nominal fee of only .35 cents to $1.00.  Users can fully utilize the classified and auction services as often as they want re-listing items until they sell for free and never need to take advantage of any optional services to list their items. 

With online auctions and classifieds becoming so popular, users are consistently looking for economical alternatives that provide them with the opportunity to maintain more of their profits. List Whatever for FREE! now provides them with that alternative. For more information go to



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