Celebrities Ecstatic Over One-of-a-Kind DNA based Perfume at 6th Annual TV Land Awards

My DNA Fragrance™ created a buzzing sensation amongst celebrities on Sunday, June 8th premiering its exclusive one-of-a-kind custom fragrance created from your DNA genetic code at the 6th Annual TV Land Awards in the official backstage gift lounge.

Over 70 gift certificates were given to celebrities as they swarmed the table smelling the samples of the new fragrance line at the TV Land Awards. Samuel L. Jackson, William Shatner, Vanessa Williams, Ed Asner, Beverly Johnson and many more praised the fragrance concept and expressed their excitement over the new brand. William Shatner pleasingly commented, “I would love to know what my wife smells like” as he smiled with a twinkle in his eye. Samuel L. Jackson also expressed, “My wife will love this” as he took two gift certificates, undoubtedly one for himself. Beverly Johnson expressed, “I love it! Sounds like so much fun” as she joked, “Does that mean when I wear it my boyfriend will become my slave forever?” Other exuberant comments from celebrities included adjectives like, exhilarating, brilliant, cleaver and fabulous. All night long celebrities continued to express their excitement over the introduction of the new fragrance line. Read all their comments and see photos of celebrities at the award show with the new fragrance line at the My DNA Fragrance website. http://www.mydnafragarnce.com
Unlike the 30,000 mass produced and celebrity endorsed fragrances on the market today, My DNA Fragrance™ offers you the opportunity to leave a memory of you in every room. It is the first fragrance ever formulated using DNA genetic codes as the blueprint to create individualized couture fragrance. No two people will ever smell alike again. It is a subtle biologically seductive liquid treasure that explodes into a unique exotic melody of fragrant notes.
The fragrance contains no alcohol and heals the skin because of its Aloe Vera properties and is easily attainable online at http://www.mydnafragrance.com for $134.99 for perfume and $119.99 for cologne. Customers submit a DNA sample to begin their fragrant formulation process and receive their choice of 4 ounces of fragrance in an aluminum bottle, which preserves the fragrant elixir.
My DNA Fragrance invites you to smell like you. Your fragrance is in the bottle, but the Scent is in You! http://www.mydnafragrance.com.


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