Perfume & Cologne from DNA of Deceased Celebrities

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Perfume & Cologne from DNA of Deceased Celebrities

My DNA Fragrance engineers the exclusive “Antiquity” fragrance line from the DNA of more than 100 beloved celebrities and notable persons including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson

November 4, 2009 – Beverly Hills, CA ~ Carlton Enoch, CEO of My DNA Fragrance, a perfume manufacturer of exclusive one of a kind fragrances engineered from your DNA genetic code, has joined forces with John Reznikoff, the world’s most renowned celebrity hair collector to obtain the DNA from the hair samples of more than 100 deceased celebrities and famous people to begin the company’s secret process to engineer and formulate the exclusive “Antiquity” Fragrance line. Fragrance formulations from the DNA of Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Joan Crawford, and Katherine Hepburn are a few of the VIPs amongst the list of famous people to be honored.

My DNA Fragrance is proud to give a portion of the gross profits to the estates of these celebrities and the charities that they supported. For those with no specific charities supported one will be chosen on their behalf.

Producing exclusive one of kind signature scents from human DNA genetic profiles since late 2007, My DNA Fragrance has received global media attention for its indescribable blend of environmentally friendly fragrance. The alcohol free elixir will be packaged in 3 oz aluminum bottles for the “Antiquity” fragrance line representing each celebrity in unique shapes and colors from bust of Marilyn Monroe to blue leather pouches for Elvis Presley.

The fragrance will be available for retail distribution in January 2010 but can be pre-ordered now online for those wanting to take advantage of the promotional offer of $59.99 before the product is marked up in the stores. Once it hits the stores, it will no longer be available for purchase online.

Each bottle of fragrance will come with its own certificate of authenticity verifying that is an exclusive fragrance engineered from the DNA of each individual celebrity giving customers an opportunity to register and validate their collectors fragrance online.

For those wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to create their own personalized fragrance there is My DNA “Exclusive” or My DNA “Reverse” which is engineered from your DNA genetic code or the genetic code of your loved one. Because no two people have the same DNA, your fragrance will be exclusive to only you.

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