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As Seen On E! Entertainment, Chelsea Handler, Today Show, MSNBC and Newsweek  – Perfume from Your DNA

My DNA Fragrance has been engineering beautiful individual scents since 2007, when it launched a successful test market on the internet for its “My DNA Exclusive” fragrance line.  Today there are many happy customers all over the world that have purchased their unique individual fragrance.

In the beginning, the fragrance was thought to be a great novelty, but soon many customers discovered the magical power of the fragrance’s ever shifting notes and the rewarding opportunity and personal satisfaction of owning a customized fragrance engineered exclusively for you.

ladyDNA-bottlefaded-inglowPushing the envelope in the fragrance industry has always been on the forefront of the creative mind of My DNA Fragrance CEO, Carlton Enoch, who envisioned the concept of a DNA based fragrance in the mid 90s.  “DNA testing has only recently become affordable for the average consumer and they are becoming increasingly more familiar with the benefits of DNA testing making our fragrance concept a popular item.” says Enoch.  He further stated, “When we first launched this product in 2007, people were a little more skeptical about DNA processing because they were not as informed as they are today.”

The media was quick to grab an opportunity to talk about a perfume that was so different that it pushes the envelope of individuality in the fragrance industry and is literally changing the way fragrance is viewed by the consumer.  My DNA Fragrance continues to grab headlines as the media watches the brands ever increasing popularity.

Recently, My DNA Fragrance penned a deal with John Reznikoff, the pre-eminent world renowned celebrity hair collector for the DNA of famous celebrities and notables to keep their memories alive through the creation of a totally unique fragrance line.  A test market for the “Antiquity” Fragrances was recently launched in November 2009 and will be available in stores in the new year.  The Antiquity collection of colognes is based on the DNA genetic codes of famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn and Albert Einstein and many others made possible from the DNA of the hair in John Reznikoff’s private collection.

Reznikoff has appeared on The Wall Street Journal Video Channel, CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,  ABC Nightline, and Good Morning America and has the largest authenticated hair collection of famous people in the world.

My DNA Fragrance invites you to experience how it smells to be Exclusive because the fragrance is in the bottle… but the Scent is in you!.

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