DNA based Perfume creates media frenzy over Michael Jacksons’ hair; but it’s about Exclusivity

The media has sensationalized the fragrance created from the DNA of the King of Pop. DNA based perfume is the bigger story as the latest in DNA science presents an exciting opportunity for the fragrance world as company My DNA Fragrance introduces the œMy DNA Exclusive fragrance line a bespoke perfume giving you the opportunity to bottle your DNA in an individual-specific composition of notes and accords.

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The scent of a dead celeb?

The venture does use the celebrities’ DNA code, after a fashion, and it does translate that code into a customized scent recipe – so there’s certainly no false advertising. But the DNA that’s used has absolutely no bearing on what a person smells like, and the DNA itself is not featured in the recipe.


Your Fragrance is in the Bottle, but the Scent is in You!My DNA Fragrance is a unique fragrance company that creates biologically seductive liquid treasures that caress the secret desires of the mind from DNA blueprints. No two people will smell alike again, the fragrance is as unique as you are. “Your Fragrance is in the bottle, but the Scent is in You!”


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