Perfume From The Essence Of Your Being


August 2009 – Beverly Hills, CA For centuries perfumers have strived to create fragrances that extract the essence of everything from flowers to leather to formulate a perfume that moves the very souls of both the individual wearing it and weave a tapestry of memories for the one smelling it.

They say a fragrance can only be as powerful as the essence of the source the fragrant oil was extracted from.  However, My DNA Fragrance has formulated a perfumery process that adds the one missing element to your fragrance, You.

My DNA brings to life a new fragrance concept that captures your very essence in the bottle, giving you the opportunity to wear a perfume that is solely and uniquely you.

Your essence is the basic, real and invariable nature of who you are.  It’s the significant individual feature that makes you you and your DNA is the building block of that essence. The very fabric upon which you were created totally and uniquely individual.

My DNA Fragrance gives you the opportunity to have a customized perfume that is exclusively you through its revolutionary fragrance process, using your DNA genetic code as the blueprint to create a seductive liquid treasure that is totally you.  Custom formulated by hand, each fragrance is exclusive for each customer capturing your very essence in each bottle.

“We wanted to create a unique fragrance that was not only exclusive to each customer, but also economically comfortable” says My DNA Fragrance CEO, Carlton Enoch, who envisioned the concept for the perfume 15 years ago when DNA was first introduced to the world through one of the most publicized trials in history.  Unfortunately, DNA testing was to expensive at the time making the perfume totally out of reach for the customer and he had to sit on the idea until now.

With 4 ounces of your choice of perfume or cologne at $139.99 and $119.99 respectively, The fragrance is environmentally friendly as it does not contain alcohol. My DNA perfumes and colognes have healing properties and are actually good for your skin.

My DNA Fragrance’s revolutionary perfumery process will impact the way perfume is made in a world that has exhausted every possible fragrance combination in the quest to supply an unquenchable thirst for these fragrant elixirs.

There are so many people, but there still is only ONE you.  You don’t have to settle for being squeezed into a box with everyone else and forced to wear the same fragrance everyone is wearing.

Your fragrance does not define who you are, you define your fragrance and set the precedent for being totally unique in your full expression, from your clothes to your fragrance.

My DNA Fragrance is Exclusively You!  Your fragrance is in the bottle, but the scent is in YOU.

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